About Our Company

Established in 1991, Niagara Analytical Laboratories Inc. set forth a commitment to offer high quality, timely, environmental testing services at better-than-competitive pricing. These very significant components are paramount and ever present in our operation and apparent to those who select our lab for hire.

Pride of Family Ownership and Family Operation:

Much can be said about the pride of ownership. From the customer's perspective; dealing directly with the owner lends the advantage of:

  • On-the-spot competitive pricing & volume discounts
  • Personal commitment for fast, thorough performance
  • Accountability of the persons directly in charge

Customers of Niagara Analytical deal directly with the owners, (Brian & Stephne Johnson) and they know that they can contact us any time with any question they may have.

Meet the Owners:

Brian Johnson is the technical Director of the Laboratory and his responsibilities include: all sample prep, extraction procedures, instrument calibrations, analyses and interpretation of test results. He is also responsible for the implementation of a total quality control system including ISO, CALA, and SCC guidelines and procedures. Brian had obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry (1983) and Chartered Chemist (ACPO) designation (1990). Brian has been a working chemist since 1983 in both the government lab and private-commercial lab sectors. In the past he also has instructed entry and post-graduate level "chemical sampling and analysis" and has retained teaching posts within the community college and industrial re-training areas.

Stephne Johnson is a post-graduate of Environmental Assessment studies and will assist in such ancillary services such as; referrals to our list of reputable environmental consultants. Stephne is in charge of the administration division, namely; Requests for Quotations(pricing, volume discounts, turn-around commitments), sample receipt-preservation, report prep and release, finance and customer services. Steph left an executive appointment with the Provincial Government to join the environmental sector.

Lab Staff:

The Staff at Niagara Analytical Laboratories includes: Chemists, Microbiologists, Technologists and Technicians, all from the Niagara community. Our laboratory also proudly endorses Co-operative Education and frequently enjoys providing job placement for many post-secondary students aspiring for careers in the environmental sector. In addition, we also retain an external QA/QC Chemist to audit and grade the performance of our staff – this is in addition to our biennial audits conducted by the “Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation” and our annual audits conducted by the “Ministry of the Environment”

We hope that the next time your firm issues a “Request for Quotation” for lab testing services, you factor-in Niagara Analytical Laboratories as a qualified constituent. We look forward to serving you then!

The Owners of Niagara Analytical Inc. Brian and Stephne Johnson

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